The Azerbaijan Journal of Botanypublished by Society of Azerbaijani Botanists Public Union (SABPU) is a journal designed for an academic audience. We publish of high quality original scientific papers. The journal publishes materials of experimental studies, short communications and review papers on topical questions.


The “Azerbaijan Journal of Botany” publishes the original articles in the field of botany, geobotany, floristically, sistematically, taxonomy, algology, lichenobriology, phytocenologicaly, ethnobotany, introduction, plant physiology, biological resource and genetics.    


Article submission

In the submission of an article, the author must confirm that the article has not been previously published, and also has not been submitted for publication to another journal and must fill declaration (Declaration is available on website), registration form (registration form can be downloaded from this link - ) and submit together with article to



Articles for publication are accepted in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages. An article written in English must certainly have a translation of the title, abstract, keywords, name and family name of the authors, full name of the organization in Azerbaijani and Russian.


Article Review Procedure

Received article is subjected to review process. The decision on acceptance or refusal to publication of an article belongs to the editorial board. The editorial board reserves the right to reject and not to review a manuscript that is not formatted according to the rules for authors.

The author is required to correct reviewed article and return article together with the explanation letter within 10 days to the Editorial Board. The date of acceptance of the article by the Editorial Board will be indicated in the printed version of the article.


General requirements for the design of materials

General requirements to the article proposed for the publication in the “Azerbaijan Journal of Botany” must include: the articles must be original, clearly and logically written, carefully edited and contain updated information. Preferences are given to experimental research articles. Analytical review papers and short communications in which author expresses own position the considered topics is also accepted.


Technical requirements for the design of materials

Articles must be prepared in Microsoft Word. The manuscript should be typed using Times New Roman, font size 11 with 2 cm margins on all sides of the page. All pages must be numbered.

The experimental manuscripts should not exceed eight A4 pages, short communications three pages and reviews 10 pages.


Article must be formatted as follow:

1.         The title of article must be typed in bold with sentence key;

2.         Name and surname of  authors;

3.         Full name of organization of authors;

4.         Full postal address of the institution, e-mail of the corresponding author;

5.         Abstract (150-200 words) should contain the aim, methods, the main results and practical significance of the work. Articles submitted to the editor in Azerbaijani are additionally accompanied by annotations in Russian and English and vice versa.

6.         Keywords should not exceed 5 words or phrases. Acronym should be avoided;

7.         Introduction should reflect the current state, problems, goals and objectives of the study. Citations of recent years must prevail;

8.         Materials and methods. The methods should be described briefly and clearly or appropriate literature must be cited. The name of the manufacturers and countries for used reagents, equipment, etc. should be stated;

9.         Results must be clearly reported. The same data shown in the table should not be repeated in the figure and vice versa. Excessive citation and comprehensive discussion of previously published articles should be avoided;

10.     Discussion. It is necessary to summarize the main points, conclusions and prospects for further work. Statements from the Introduction and Results sections should not be repeated;

11.     Acknowledgement. All acknowledgements for the support in work, the name of the funds that financed the work (number of grants) are provided at the end of the article;

12.     References must be in alphabetical order. For journals family name and initials of the authors, year of publication, title of publication, journal title, number of publication and pages must be indicated.  For books and conference proceedings family name and initials of the authors, year of publication, title of publication, city, publishing house and pages must be indicated.  The titles of non-English references must be translated into English followed by the native version of the article in square brackets.


Bibliographic references in the text are arranged as follows:

one author – [Plaza, 2010],

two authors – [Plaza  and  Sánchez-Moreno, 2011],

more than two – [Plaza  et al., 2015].


Elfalleh W., Hannachi H., Tlili N., Yahia Y., Nasri N., Ferchichi A. (2012) Total phenolic contents and antioxidant activities of pomegranate peel, seed, leaf, and flower. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 6(20):4724- 4730.

Novruzov E.N. (2010) Pigments of the reproductive organs of plants and their significance. Baku: Elm, 309 s. [Новрузов Э.Н. (2010) Пигменты репродуктивных органов растений и их значение. Баку: Элм, 309 с.].


If the list contains several works by one author, published in the same year, these are given in letter designations: Prasad et al., 2019 a, b, c.


Prasad K.N., Yang B., Ruenroengklin N., Jiang Y., Application of ultrasonication or high-pressure extraction of flavonoids from litchi fruit pericarp. (2009a)  J. Food Proc. 32: 828–843.

Prasad K.N., Yang E., Yi C., Zhao M., Jiang Y. (2009b) Effects of high pressure extraction on the extraction yield, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of longan fruit pericarp. Innov. Food Sci. Emerg. Technol. 10: 155–159


13.     Tables and figures. Tables and figures should have numerical sequence and titles indicating their content. When creating tables, use Microsoft Word. Photos with a resolution of not less than 600 dpi is desirable.

14.     Mathematical and chemical formulas. Use the Microsoft Equation editor for the creation of mathematical formulas, ChemWindow, ChemDraw for the preparation of chemical formulas, schemes of chemical reactions, etc.

15.     Acronyms and Abbreviations. All acronymsmust be decoded, with the exception of commonly used (IUCN, ICN, cm, kg, g, mg, α, μ etc.).


        Publication Statement - (1) (1).pdf


Ethics of the editorial board of the journal. The Editorial Board ensures the confidentiality of the personal data of authors and the results of their research at the stage of the review and publication of articles.

Ethics of research. Manuscripts submitted to the journal for publication are subjected to check for plagiarism through the “Antiplagiat” system. The coefficient of originality must be at least 90%, the coefficient of self-citation cannot exceed 10%.


Payment for publication.

For members of SAB one page cost is 10 AZN and 15 AZN for non-members.